Yesterday news of a price war between Dignity and Co-op hit the headlines. They have finally acknowledged that funeral prices are dropping. While this was no shock to us, this can only be a good thing for consumers.

For some time now we have indicated that funeral prices are not rising. If you think back to last year on our “Have you been mis-sold a Funeral Plan?” article, we predicted this was likely to happen. Following The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigation in June, this was another clear indication to us that prices were going to decline.

After months of endless marketing campaigns by industry leaders stipulating that you must “buy now to beat the rising costs”, prices are in fact getting lower, and not increasing, like these misleading campaigns suggest.

Today, funerals are all about affordability, it is well known that many people have suffered hardship after having to fork out thousands for an unexpected funeral. Yet still with everything pointing towards costs declining, many companies are still using the sales tactic of ‘rising prices’.

Ready4Retirement was setup to always put the customer first. It’s instilled in everything we do. We offer our customers, what we firmly believe, is the best value plan in the UK.

With our customers at the centre of our business, all our plans are fully transparent with a summary stating exactly what you have paid for. We will not hide those unexpected extra costs that you never seen coming, like the price of a headstone, or the price to get your loved ones ashes returned.

We contact each of our customers every year to check if any of your circumstances have changed and that the plan still reflects your wishes.

With the price war between leading plan providers, prices will continue to fall. After all, there is no point in paying a plan at a fixed price, if funeral prices are pretty much at this stage guaranteed to decrease.

That’s why we have our Cash-Back Guarantee in place, if you opt for a funeral which is lower than the price of your plan, we will write you a cheque for the difference. For example, if your family took out a plan worth £4000 – but only used £2300 of this for the funeral. Your family would get £1700 returned to them directly, further ensuring we look after you and your family’s interests at all times.

If you believe you or a family member are paying over the odds for a funeral plan, please get in touch, and we promise a member of our expert team will be able to assist you.