Pre-paid Funeral Plans : ITV’s Pay Now, Die Later

Last night on ITV Tonight: Pay Now, Die Later journalists uncovered Pre-paid Funeral Plans, showing that many industry leaders are hiding third party costs and are not exactly forthcoming when asked about them. The ITV programme highlighted the key flaws in many industry leaders, like hidden admin fees, third party costs and companies using [...]

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Funeral Prices in Decline

Yesterday news of a price war between Dignity and Co-op hit the headlines. They have finally acknowledged that funeral prices are dropping. While this was no shock to us, this can only be a good thing for consumers. For some time now we have indicated that funeral prices are not rising. If you think [...]

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New Regulations For Pre Paid Funeral Plan Providers

Today the Government announced new plans to impose stricter regulations for pre-paid funeral plan providers. The pre-paid funeral plan industry is not currently regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), but that may change in the near future. Plans are being brought into place to protect grieving families from being exploited at their time [...]

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Why Should I Make A Will?

There are many common myths as to why people believe they do not need to create a Will. Some people believe that they do not need a Will as they have nothing to leave behind or that everything goes to their spouse after their death. Neither of these myths are true; everything has [...]

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